Author: Hannah Jacobs – Sustainable Public Policy ’19

The Grantham Community Garden at Messiah College has now been in place for 10 years, woohoo! The garden is completely student-inspired and student-lead. The Agape Center for Service and Learning hosts “Service Day” every year in the month of April within the closing weeks of the spring semester. Students have the option to participate in a full day committed to volunteering, where students have many options including the Special Olympics and many other on and off-campus projects. One of the on-campus projects you can help with is working in the community garden.

We have both an “upper-garden” and a “lower-garden”. On service day, students work in both. This year in particular we had over 60 volunteers! Many things were checked off of our to-do list. A new chicken run was built, the upper-garden has been weeded-out, potatoes were planted, the compost our campus produced was put on, and new bee boxes have been built. Thank you to all who volunteered this year. It was such a beautiful sight to see students working together in the garden on a warm, sunny day.

Enjoy these pictures from the day! (Note the before and after shots of the upper-garden) Also, are you able to spot the queen bee??


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